Explain e-Tigers in less than 50 words?

e-Tigers is an end-to-end international delivery solution specifically developed for small/medium eCommerce retailers. e-Tigers is a phased approach to entering the e-tail market. Low risk, low cost options allow you to test the market and refine your strategy, whilst more sophisticated solutions support more mature or aggressive market entry campaigns.

Who delivers my parcels?

As a carrier neutral solution, e-Tigers select the best carriers for your combination of cost and service level.

How long have you been established?

Tigers has been present in the international freight and delivery market since 1969, branching into the B2B, B2C and e-retail markets in the last 15 years.

How big is your company?

Tigers has 1,200 employees.  Our parent company, GeoPost, has a total of 26,000 employees, including those of Tigers.  This gives Tigers the unique position of having a very lean and flexible core team, but access to a vast resource and technology pool that can be rapidly utilised when scalability is required.

What regions do you cover?

Currently e-Tigers offers fulfilment solutions in Europe, Asia, USA and Africa.

Do I have to pay duties and taxes?

e-Tigers offers a range of duty optimization and fiscal representation solutions based on your individual circumstances, cost of product, HS code and geographical region.

What is an HS code?

The Harmonized System (HS Code) is a commodity classification system. Customs Organization (WCO) to harmonize international trade by creating a coding system that is globally acceptable.

How much does it cost?

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How does e-Tigers tracking work?

When your freight moves as general cargo to a Tigers fulfilment location, tracking is fully integrated through our TigerTrax tracking software. When your goods move on a parcel level, we offer real time tracking through our final mile delivery partners.

How can I interface to your systems?

Our designated IT specialists facilitate full systems integration between marketplace, web-store, warehouse & inventory management systems, your ERP and CRM. Our services also include facilitation of order management systems and KPI/report generation.

Are my goods insured?

End-to-end insurance and underwriting services are available at request.

How does the returns process work?

e-Tigers manages your returns process from end-to-end. Based on your requirements we can tailor make the returns management procedure.

What are your T&C’s?

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Who looks after my account?

Your account will be assigned a designated e-Tigers customer service representative.