Tigers Core Solutions

Tigers has a wide variety of customizable logistics services; our Contract Logistics specialists will leverage their extensive knowledge, local understanding and Tigers' global network in order to get you the optimal solution. In practical terms, we can offer dedicated facilities or leverage our many shared user facilities, strategically positioned around the globe.

Inbound to Manufacture & Raw Materials

A poorly executed order is a stopped production line, Tigers has the systems and processes to ensure you get the right products at the right times. Linked with our global freight products, we can coordinate PO control, invoicing and the overall supply chain.

Finished Goods & Outbound Logistics

Tigers has the processes, experience and systems to make sure you have the right product, in the right place, at the right time. Tigers can execute light manufacturing, labelling and other value added services, which, when combined with system visibility can be used to implement and support a global postponement strategy.

Manufacturing & Project Logistics

Our technicians move and install a variety of hi-tech manufacturing equipment and project cargo. We will plan, manage and execute the disassembly, international movement and reassembly of your hi-tech cargos.


Modern multi-channel logistics has a large number of partners and customers, all with different requirements. We can ensure that every individual shipment gets the right treatment to ensure smooth downstream logistics and a perfect end-customer experience.


Tigers has all the skills and processes needed to ensure essential parts are quickly moved to the areas where they are needed. We have extensive experience of the high service level logistics required for Aircraft on Ground (AOG) and related service part logistics services. Furthermore, Tigers will ensure that your returns are managed effectively and efficiently in one of our Returns Management Centers.


Tigers can execute or manage all areas of domestic or cross-boarder transport including last mile, milk-runs, consolidation and primary line haul. Tigers can measure the carbon footprint of all shipments and work with you to reduce or offset CO2 emissions.

Cross Dock

Storing product is expensive in terms of handling, space and time. Tigers can work with you to ensure your goods spend the shortest amount of time in our warehouses. Furthermore, we can schedule value added processes in this short time window to align with your complex planning schedules.


We can partner with you to set up a VMI program with all the complex systems, supplier control and JIT outbound processes required to make sure your production stays lean and efficient. We will seamlessly track ownership, transfer of ownership, consumption reporting, invoicing and vendor negotiations on your behalf.


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