Tigers will utilise its extensive warehousing network across Australia as the local logistics partner for Asendia’s new Oceania e-commerce and mail solutions subsidiary

Hong Kong, Thursday 25th July 2019 – Tigers has been selected as the local logistics partner to support the launch of Asendia Oceania and provide a regional footprint for B2C and omnichannel fulfilment solutions in Australia.

Hong Kong-based Tigers has an extensive warehousing network across Australia in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney, with a focus on B2C vertical markets.

Headquarted in Bern, Switzerland, Asendia is specialised in e-commerce and mail solutions, and is expanding across Australia and New Zealand with the launch of the Asendia Oceania subsidiary.

“E-commerce fulfilment and international cross-border products continue to be a major focus for Tigers across the Asia-Pacific region, and builds on our cooperation across the USA into Europe, Russia, and Asia,” said Andrew Jillings, Chief Executive Officer, Tigers.

“Partnering with Asendia as it launches Asendia Oceania across Australia and New Zealand is an exciting moment that reflects Tigers’ ongoing global growth, and our support for the logistics and supply chain industry as it evolves through digitisation and e-commerce.”

Asendia is rolling out a global expansion plan and offers a range of digital, logistics, and delivery services as the market for B2C cross-border e-commerce services continues to grow.

“The launch of Asendia Oceania is an exciting new milestone for Asendia in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Lionel Berthe, Head of Asia-Pacific, Asendia.

“It’s another sign of our commitment to growth in the region, and partnering with a global logistics player with strong capacities and experience in Australia such as Tigers is a key differentiator for cross border end-to-end services.“

Tigers and Asendia are planning further supply chain optimisation in the coming months by utilising their global network of offices and facilities in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and the UK.

Tigers recently joined Asendia Oceania at the Online Retailer Conference and Expo in Sydney.

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