Give your customers and team a first-class experience from the moment an order is placed, all the way through to your product arriving at your customer’s doorstep.

Control your full supply chain from one single touchpoint. Our modular cloud app integrates seamlessly with our services, your tools and your vendors of choice.


With a combination of Microsoft .NET and Azure technology, our systems are secure and efficient at any level of business demand.


Supported by expert staff in key markets, a central product and code base allows you to quickly react to local business conditions and customer needs.


As a flexible modular core, SmartHub:Connect supports numerous integrations with third-party systems, vendors, as well as our wide range of value-added services.


From desktop to mobile app, through numerous third-party integrations, we give you a world class experience.


Underpinning all of Tigers systems is SmartHub:Connect, Tigers’ advanced proprietary innovation platform. This modular core to all Tigers IT, allows value-added integration and a range of key modules to link, manage, support and enhance our operational suite of systems. Using SmartHub we can also manage the expanding range of digital touch points that are required in advanced freight, e-commerce, retail, logistics and supply chain environments.

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Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence on our portal is fully interactive and intuitive. Users can reshape the data instantly with a few clicks in order to get the views and analysis they need. With a wide range of BI sets available, Tigers is constantly adding new views to allow users to visualise their data in new ways.

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Mobile App

Find your shipment real time as well as checking statuses, reports, BI; all on your mobile phone. Visibility, events, reports and key information are all available for instant digestion.

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Delivering peace of mind

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