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It is a pleasure to bring you the news that we are further increasing the feature set of our flagship customer portal, SmartHub:Connect.

This month, we will be adding features to track shipments mid-ocean, as well as enhancements to live container milestones as they reach key port and Customs waypoints.

We will also be adding further features to the freight PO handling modules; allowing bulk and template uploads prior to booking and shipment.

Further planned features include promotion management and an increase in capability for our interactive graphical BI suite.

In addition to this, we have been working hard to ensure that SH:C is backed up and supported by a deep underlying technical structure.

With this in mind, Tigers has invested in a number of key areas.

Firstly, we have deployed a full Agile deployment methodology, which ensures that we can create software quickly but contained within a rigorous development, testing, and deployment framework for a low error environment.

Secondly, we have invested in staff training for the Microsoft Azure and .Net Core technology that is used to build, deploy, and sustain the SH:C system.

With both of these in place, we also claimed our third Microsoft Gold Partner Certification in DevOps, which is based on Azure DevOps, Microsoft’s Cloud deployment solution.

It is by using these capabilities that Tigers was able to deploy 244 individual integration projects in 2018; a significant number for any company in any industry.

The powerful combination of Azure and .Net gives us access to the advanced capabilities that Microsoft bakes into its Cloud and development platforms.

Using these, we are able to rapidly and cheaply assimilate and develop advances in general, as well as freight specific technology.

And finally, we are already developing in-house artificial intelligence functions with a view to using these in the logistics and supply chain space, where such features can be used to rapidly notify customers of variances, deviations, and issues that might materially affect their brands and products.


Mark Gatenby

Chief Information Officer


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