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Earlier this month, Tigers’ Shahar Ayash, Managing Director – UK and Europe, joined a Brexit panel at Multimodal in Birmingham, UK.

The panel discussed the challenges and opportunities for the transport and logistics sector posed by Brexit and proved to be one of the most popular panels during the annual three-day industry show.

Despite the ongoing uncertainty caused by Brexit, Shahar believes that with preparation it can be an opportunity for businesses, especially those engaging in e-commerce.

Speaking during the panel, Shahar said: “We know that around 35 per cent of the supply chain is taken up by the last mile and so Brexit can be seen as an opportunity for our industry.

“Tigers has invested in technology as well as warehousing in the UK and in Europe and we are advising customers to split their stock of goods.

“They will avoid congestion, but also, it makes more sense, it will mean a better service for their customers and there is an environmental aspect to this as well.”

One way that customers can achieve this is through SmartHub:Connect (SH:C), which offers a virtual warehouse system allowing goods to be split between locations and providing a more sustainable option for fulfilment.

For more information about SH:C, click here.

The Multimodal panel also heard calls for the British government to provide more clarity to enable the industry to better prepare themselves for the coming changes, as well as calls for further collaboration within the supply chain.

You can read the full story from the Multimodal panel here.

Attending Multimodal also enabled Shahar to catch up with industry colleagues in Birmingham, while making new connections, and we would like to congratulate the Multimodal team on another successful event.

We look forward to seeing what Multimodal 2020 will bring.

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