Tigers China on handling COVID-19 pandemic

Early on during the shutdown, Tigers worked with our counterparts moving goods in and out of China to ensure that safety precautions were being adhered to and advising different businesses on how to develop business resilience.

There were three key factors that we wanted to address: maintaining close communications with customers, vendors, overseas offices, and trusted agents; liaising with customers as eCommerce continued to expand in demand; and monitoring logistics alternatives for essential items such as pharmaceuticals.

Tigers has been working diligently around the globe to provide our customers and partners with medical equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE). We provided all of our Hong Kong staff with face masks and embraced remote working in as many different ways as possible when the scale of the pandemic became apparent.

There was also the charter flight to Rome, Italy, from Shanghai, China, arranged with our partner agent Sittam Raben SRL, where 1,385,000 masks, 53 large ventilators, and a consignment of accessories destined for hospitals battling Covid-19 across the Italian capital. These items were transported in the bellyhold and passenger deck of a B777-200.

We have also been assisting our partners in Australia. Tigers’ Guangzhou team has delivered more than 1.2 million medical masks on a charter flight from Guangzhou, China to Sydney, Australia. There are due to be several more of these flights leading to a total of five million masks being transported.

Finally, we have updated our eShop to now host a PPE-specific area to make the purchase of PPE and other medical equipment as easy and swift as possible. SmartHub:Connect received new software updates, giving customers shortcuts to buy and process documentation for the shipment of PPE.

You can find the PPE section on our eShop at go2tigerseshop.com or download the Tigers eShop order form HERE.

We've just launched SmartHub:Connect!

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