TigersExpress in the USA

Cross-border e-commerce in the USA is booming and Tigers is going from strength to strength with its TigersExpress product.

TigersExpress is a cross-border e-commerce solution in collaboration with e-commerce delivery experts, wnDirect, and in 2018 TigersExpress handled 4,400 tons of airfreight.

Today Tigers is a leading forwarder from the United States into the United Kingdom, providing services to several of the world-leading online marketplaces for B2C and C2C, a large US-based lingerie company, as well as the health supplement businesses.

“TigersExpress performs the first-mile, origin-processing, and airfreight part of a truly global and integrated cross-border solution that operates at Tigers facilities in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Newark,” said Sebastian Tschackert, President Americas, Tigers.

“The cross-border e-commerce business continues to grow exponentially and all trends point towards a strong 2020.”

Following the success of TigersExpress in the USA, Tigers is now in discussions with wnDirect to replicate the model into other countries, with a focus on Australia, China, the UK, and Germany.

TigersExpress uses software provided by wnDirect for parcel processing, containerisation, and freight management.

Additionally, Tigers’ SmartHub:Connect portal has been upgraded to include functionality required for cross-border ecommerce.

For more information about Tigers’ products and services, visit the website at go2tigers.com

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